Meet the Photographer, Erin 

I began my love of photography in high school. I worked on the yearbook and photographed a majority of the images that ended up in the yearbook my senior year. I loved seeing my images in print and knowing that others were enjoying them just as much as I did. Transitioning into college my skills were more defined working for my college newspaper, I had aspirations to work for a magazine one day developing and working on layouts and photography. I met my husband, who is retired military now, and my career path went in a few different directions for a short time. I never did work for that magazine, but instead found work as a graphic artist, among other things. When I had my first child, my desire to capture every single moment of her childhood has led me here. I started out photographing her every moment and then capturing our friends special moments. And then friends of friends started to take notice and I could no longer deny that what had started as a hobby was turning into a business. I honed my skills, taking workshops, working for wedding planners, taking many photography courses as I could, and here I find myself 8 years later. I love my job and have absolutely no desire to do anything else. I have a passion for creating beautiful and colorful artwork that my clients can feel proud to display in their homes.

"A camera is a save button for the mind's eye." - Roger Kingston

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